I was the kid with the camera…

“My true passion for photography has been running through my veins since childhood.

It started with using family members cameras to capture the most candid moments because it was easy to go unnoticed when you were only 3ft tall. I was gifted my first camera for Christmas, a story you’ve heard before. I would spend the next years of my elementary school life, photographing our sleepovers, going on walks with friends just to take their photos and sneaking my camera into church dances because those outfits could not go undocumented.

Being Portuguese-Canadian, you can imagine that I attended various weddings as a child. As I daydreamed of my own moment walking down the aisle, my deep love for all things nuptials developed. What I didn’t know, was that my passion for photography was right behind it.

High school came and so did photography club, the first time anyone ever critiqued my photos and still to this day I use that feedback as the foundation of every photograph I take. Halfway through those school years, I would turn to photography in a different way than I ever had before. Quickly learning that photos do speak a thousand words, my photography turned into perfect descriptions of whatever I was feeling. The good moments, like when we got my first dog, to the bad moments, like when girls were super mean at school.

Who knew that all those experiences would set the standard for how I would live my life, how I would treat people and ultimately how I would photograph.

Fast forward to now, I figured out a way to combine the deep love for weddings that has always been rooted in me, with my passion for photography that made me who I am. I am a completely self-taught photographer, that uses contemporary style of photography to create photos that are authentic and deep. Photos that are your own perfect descriptions of exactly how you felt on your big day.

I don’t capture what it looks like, I capture what it feels like and my hope is that you will look back on your photos from years to come, and still feel the very same way.”